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Joyful Journey: Listening to Immanuel ( english)

Joyful Journey: Listening to Immanuel ( english)
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Joyful Journey: Listening to Immanuel (engels)

dr E. James Wilder  (Auteur), Anna Kang (Auteur), John Loppnow  (Auteur), Sungshim Loppnow  (Auteur)

God is present. Here. Now. Experiencing God's presence brings healing, peace and connection. But, like any other relationship, experiencing God's presence takes practice. Joyful Journey will teach you how to practice God's presence every day. Discover how you can enjoy daily guidance and friendship with God, using methods grounded in scripture, spiritual disciplines and cutting-edge neuroscience. Surprising joy. Profound healing. Intimate connection. Available to anyone. Learn how with Joyful Journey! Jane Willard, wife of Dallas Willard and one of the creators of the life model, says this about Joyful Journey, "I have personally used the method often and have been 'spreading the news' widely. It has been life changing for so many people!"

Feedback readers: This book is more than a book! It's a simple, efficient and quick guide for helping you to not only hear from God, but receive His heart for you intimately. The "template" they lay out helps the reader to have a plan for their interactive quiet time with the Lord in a way that gives us the freedom to trust the work of the Holy Spirit in us. Writing and then reading our "perceived" responses not only takes the pressure off of us but also provides the safety net of testing what we've heard afterwards. Their explanations of both the physical/scientific and the emotional/spiritual and biblical aspects of connecting with God are spot on and totally reassuring!

I highly recommend purchasing three copies of this brand new Immanuel resource - one for yourself and two for people you want to share your awesome God-encounters with. This thin book is the most accessible Life Model product yet, providing a simple, 3-part tool for helping people enter into conversation with God. It also offers a brief, clear introduction and biblical basis for interactive relationship with God. As someone who trains others in encountering God in this way (see www.alivewell.org), I am thrilled to use this book as a resource in our courses and to refer as many people as possible to read it!

Often missed keys to the Christian life are that we would talk to God about everything AND listen to God about everything. This book has an aim of jump-starting or re-starting you on the path to joyful interaction with the Father and help you hear His heart for you -- which is filled with goodwill and blessing. This book is best enjoyed with a friend or small group.

ISBN-13: 978-1935629177 88 pages